Dog Training

The most comprehensive dog education and behavior center in Eastern Canada

Introduction Class

Puppy class

Introduction to the canine world

This free course will allow you to cohabit pleasantly with your puppy, integrate your puppy perfectly into the family life and prepare it for the stages of obedience.

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In-School Evaluation

Dog 4 months or older

We will target your expectations and needs, and depending on the temperament, behavior and skills of your dog, we will select a program for you.

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Evaluation at your home

Dogs 4 months or older

These courses are suitable for people with reduced mobility and for dogs who are sick when travelling by car or who have trouble behaving well in their environment.

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Courses Offered

  • Obedience
  • Rescue
  • Tracking
  • Boot Camp
  • Fancy
  • Workshop and conference
  • Sports demonstrations club
  • Agility
  • Freestyle
  • Family Club
  • Cardio-canine
  • Search
  • Elite Work Club
  • Prevention and behavioral control
Courses are offered
six days a week
They are also offered
4 evenings a week
Courses offered
at School or at YOUR Home

Our Method

Without violence

At the school of the Labbé family, we are against all forms of violence and abuse done to dogs, and our methods of education and all our courses are provide with tenderness and respect of our friends the dogs.

In Urban Areas

Courses available in urban areas exposing your dog to maximum distractions.